About Me

    My name is Mick and I am 28 years old.  I live in Pueblo, Colorado and I have been interested in bikes for about twelve years.  When I was 13, I bought my first real BMX bike and I was hooked.  I rode every day and loved it.  When my friends and I couldn't ride, we would build bikes.  When I was 14, my friend John and I each built a lowrider bike.  We loved working on them and cruising them around.   Over the years I continued to ride BMX and several years ago I realized I wanted another cruisin' bike.  At 6' 2", I new that it would be uncomfortable for me to ride a lowrider, so I decided to make a chopper.  I drew up a sketch not really knowing what I wanted or how to build it.  I didn't know anything about motorcycle choppers or really what they looked like. 

    A year after I drew the first sketch, I began fabrication.  This was right around the time that American Chopper aired for the first time.  When I finished my bike, it was almost exactly like the drawing.  I built that bike for myself and I didn't really care if people were going to like it or not.  The first time I rode it in public was at a parade.  I never could have imagined the response I got.  Everybody was pointing and smiling and some making offers to buy it.  I had several people come up to me after the parade and tell me that was the best thing they saw all day.  Others wanted pictures or to find out where they could buy one.  Since I built this bike at my college in the welding shop, I didn't have the means to build others.  I Decided to get my own tools and start making them at home so I could sell them.  The building is fairly slow but I am getting faster with experience. 

    I hope to get New Legacy off the ground and begin selling some bikes and parts.  I have the know-how, I just need to get some more machines to speed up the process. 

I love to build things and make them look good and I also love bikes.  Building bikes, I get the best of both worlds.